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Interested in watching a 360° or omnidirectional video? Curious to experience something new at home on a tablet or with VR goggles (also known as Head Mounted Displays (HMDs)? Have a look at the content that has been created for the ImmersiaTV project!

The ImmersiaTV project creates a new form of broadcast omnidirectional video that offers viewers a coherent audiovisual experience across head mounted displays, second screens and the traditional TV set. This means that you can use your tablet, smartphone or VR goggles to experience with 360° views in the videos, while you are also watching a normal video on your TV or computer screen. Currently, the first and second pilot are finished, so you can watch these contents via the ImmersiaTV website.

You can watch a documentary that follows the daily life of David, a young Portuguese athlete who is pursuing his dream of becoming a successful football player, and you can watch a cyclocross race. Watch this race from different points on the track (even from locations where the audience is not allowed to be!) and experience the feeling of standing in the crowd.

Who can view the content? Everybody is welcome to watch the content! The only requirement is that you have a computer and an Android smartphone OR an Android tablet. If you want to use VR goggles to have a real immersive experience, you of course also need these.

You can learn more and watch our pilots here on their website.

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