In order to put innovation into practice and accelerate media solutions, we work closely with the end user and the production floor. With the test platform of the VRT Pilot Zone, we engage Flemish people in their future media experience and evaluate new concepts and prototypes. On this page, you can find some prototypes that VRT Innovation developed together with project partners and VRT brands.


With the Storymaker, content creators can easily search, tag and prepare large quantities of unprecedented image material, such as user-generated content, for editing or online distribution.

This prototype, developed by VRT Innovation as part of the Essence, is already being used by VRT NWS, one and Klara.


CloudCall offers a user-friendly solution to make the recording and processing of remote interviews more efficient for journalists. For example, CloudCall works entirely via the web and is integrated with the Arvato production system, which allows you to edit content right after recording.


NewsTAPAS is an app that adapts the shape of news to the context and preferences of a user. With this prototype, we aim to personalise news content for users and inform them in a more targeted way.

This prototype was developed as part of the NewsTAPAS project.


To tell new stories with data, we developed a dashboard for sports reporters. With this dashboard, we aim to clearly visualise data of athletes, such as the speed of cyclists, in order to enrich a sports experience.

This prototype was developed as part of the DAIQUIRI project.


Using artificial intelligence, this prototype can automatically detect, trace and identify faces in video. By making this metadata available automatically, we can, among other things, make programmes more searchable.