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End-to-end data protection technologies for decentralised media workflows

Cloud computing is evolving towards a decentralised model in which the storage, processing and exchange of data can be spread over a continuum of resources: end-user devices, edge computing and cloud-based services. The benefits of this include lower latency, better use of resources and lower costs.

However, the protection of sensitive and personal data remains a critical concern in such a decentralised setting.
FogProtect will develop end-to-end data protection technology for different application areas: smart cities, smart manufacturing and smart media.

Using Video Snackbar’s experiments with cloud-based production as a stepping stone, we want to investigate how we can introduce edge computing in live recordings on location. For example, by using video mixing and by integrating UGC and IoT (Internet of Things) data into the event experience.

Ubiwhere, Athens Technology Center, IBM Israel, University of Southampton, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Thales SIX GTS, Technische Universität Wien, Universität Duisburg-Essen
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