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Technology and storytelling to stimulate collaborative learning

STEAMS explores the added value of new technologies, pedagogical scenarios and storytelling to promote collaborative learning, both in an educational and professional context. STEAMS will develop a prototype of a scalable and flexible learning platform that supports hybrid forms of learning.This learning platform includes smart tools such as data-driven group composition, a smart editor for configurable learning scenarios and multimodal measurement techniques to make collaborative learning processes visible.

Within the STEAMS project, VRT will further develop the EDUbox toolbox and focuses specifically on the development of new forms of educational storytelling for collaborative learning in secondary schools.We will also experiment with a virtual moderator that can facilitate the EDUbox experience in group-based learning processes and coordinate the interaction between the individual, group and classroom. The ultimate goal is to make the EDUbox toolbox and format scalable and usable for multiple learning platforms and teachers in a very flexible way.

FTRPRF, Hudson, Uitgeverij Averbode, ITEC, KUL Augment
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Over the past year, EDUbox has gained its place in the educational landscape as a medium that introduces young people to a particular societal theme. Each EDUbox is created in cooperation with partners who deploy their expertise around a particular theme. The creation and growth of the concept itself is also a story of collaboration, both with external partners and with various VRT colleagues.