The Wall of Moments app: from Music for Life to the World Cup

Live hangouts

The Wall of Moments is an application developed within the innovation department of VRT. It emphasizes the value of interaction and co-creation in the future experience of media. From the charity event Music for Life to the World Championship: here you can find an overview on the cases and next steps of this interaction tool.

“Wall of Moments”, from research to innovation

Wall of Moments was developed within the European research project ICoSOLE as an interactive app. The goal was to enhance and enrich the experience of live events by letting people share pictures and videos. As a visitor, you often capture moments that professional camera's are not always able to spot. By creating a livestream of moments, an organization is able to gather the mood of an event through the eyes of the visitor, and interact with their audience. 

The MOS2S-project continues to build on the functionalities of the Wall of Moments-app. On the one hand, they aim to take the experience of an event even further, on the other hand, they look into applying these interaction possibilities within journalism. As a user, you would be able to share your stories and images with the editorial team and co-create news items.


Music for Live: interaction with campaigners

During the Music for Life charity event in 2016 and 2017, campaigners were able to use a specific app, developed by VRT Innovation, to report on their action for charity by sharing pictures and videos. The gathered footage was used by the editorial team in a livestream on tv and on the social media channels of Music for Life. Campaigners were also able to dial in live and talk about their action with one of the presenters.

In addition, there were multiple screens on the event that showed the submitted footage. By installing various beacons on the terrain, it became possible to automatically see your footage on a screen close to you. 


The World Cup: the live hangouts

The Hangout feature used to dial in live during Music for Life was further developed within MOS2S and used during the World Cup. 

The Hangout, in combination with the Wall of Moments, differs from other existing videochat tools, such as Skype, because it is fully integrated in the editorial and production flow of a program. The editorial team receive images from multiple users that they can use to broadcast stories from all over the world live in an efficient and cost-effective way. The editor is able to use a handy tool to moderate any incoming call and prepare a caller before going live.

After a successful trial during Music for Life with Studio Brussel, VRT Innovation was able to count on the support and cooperation of Sporza to use Hangout during the World Cup. That way, it became possible for them to reach for example Belgian supporters from Russia or other participating countries that were cheering for a team from their country of origin. 


"Iedereen Beroemd": viewers create news items with #DeDag

#DeDag is a biweekly item in the tv program "Iedereen Beroemd" on channel "één", made by the viewers themselves. With the app, viewers are able to share videos on current topics that the editors of the show could use in an item on Monday and Thursday. The innovation lies in the workflow. Only a year ago, the entire program needed to be ready one day before being broadcasted. With #DeDag, the editors are able to collect and edit content only two hours before the broadcast begins. To make this happen, the workflow needed to be simplified and shortened to a great extent. The result is that the time between the recording of a video with a smartphone somewhere in Flanders, and the editing of the video at VRT is now reduced to a couple of minutes. 

A second innovation lies in the editors' approach for managing submitted footage. For each episode, they suggest a series of assignments in the app that are immediately visible to the users. Apart from that, the editors are also able to contact the users directly to guarantee the quality of the content.

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