ImmersiaTV closes with successful review by European Commission

Compilatie ImmersiaTV

ImmersiaTV is a Horizon2020 project in which we researched how a traditional television broadcast could be enriched with 360° content on different devices. Within the project, VRT Innovation was responsible for the development of the concept, in which we defined the requirements of end users and profesional users, and the execution of the live pilot use cases. 


The first live pilot was a 360° video livestream of the Lotto Soudal Cyclocross in Heverlee, in collaboration with Sporza. During the second live pilot, we examined visual radio stortytelling together with radio station MNM and created a live interactive 360° video experience for the listener. You're able to view the results of the pilots here. For both use cases, we built a test setup in a lab environment at VRT. Different 360 cameras would stream to a central server, that encoded the streams and sent them to the webplayer. From here, the end user was able to choose between different camera angles. The webplayer could be accessed with different devices (tv, tablet, hmd) and was synchronized with the traditional tv broadcast. 


After the lab tests, we were ready for the real thing: integrating the ImmersiaTV setup in an existing broadcast production. In the case of the cyclocross, you can take this quite literally. We collaborated with productional teams from Sporza and MNM to bring the technical integration as well as the creative interpretation to a successful conclusion. Both pilots were demonstrated in Barcelona during the final review of the Horizon2020 project. We are excited to share that the reviewers were very positive and even gave VRT Innovation a special mention for the execution of the pilots.

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