VRT Sandbox

VRT Sandbox

Open innovation with startups

Sandbox ConceptVRT Sandbox facilitates short-term collaborations between startups, SME's and VRT. During these tracks, these organizations have the opportunity to develop or test innovations in a media context, with access to VRT's infrastructure and production teams. The collaboration allows partners to evaluate existing mechanisms from a different perspective,  explore creative applications and learn by gaining new insights.

After the end of the projects, startups, SME's and entrepreneurs, together with VRT, showcase their results and learnings during the VRT Sandbox Sessions, an open networking event.

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The Sandbox Hub: an international network

As part of the European MediaRoad project, the Sandbox approach will also be transformed into a replicable model, enabling other European media organizations to launch their own Sandboxes and connect with others. This European network will allow for a cross-fertilization of ideas and a wider circulation of innovating outcomes.


Intrapreneurship: Sandbox for VRT colleagues

VRT Sandbox offers the same support to VRT colleagues, as to startups. These intrapreneurs are able to experiment with new technologies and formats within the setting of VRT. Giving colleagues the opportunity to develop their own ideas adds value to the VRT as a workplace and creates space for innovating ideas to grow.


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1,93 million euro for European start-ups and scale-ups to work on Next Generation Media solutions

The European STADIEM project, funded through Horizon 2020, officially launches its 2nd open call. Via the STADIEM piloting programme, start-ups and scale-ups can co-create solutions together with European media organisations, based on the sector’s needs and challenges. The call provides provides access to funding, partners, and know-how for the development of Next Generation Media.

Flemish broadcaster VRT and start-up Soulmade build VR experience to raise awareness about media accessibility

Together with the start-up Soulmade, VRT developed a unique VR experience to make media services more accessible. Through an immersive experience, software developers can get a better view on the challenges faced by blind and visually impaired people. Not only the gaming industry, but many other sectors explore the benefits of virtual reality to immerse viewers in a new world or different reality. By using it as an educational platform, VRT aims to raise awareness about media accessibility.

VRT and European scaleups build future media solutions through innovative piloting programme

In today’s everchanging media landscape, new technologies such as artificial intelligence come with great opportunities, but also with significant challenges. With the STADIEM piloting programme, Flemish public broadcaster VRT builds on the strength of its international network to accelerate the impact of innovation. In the coming 6 months, 16 scale-ups will work together with several media organisations across Europe to build solutions for today’s largest media challenges.

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Are you a deep-tech innovator with solutions for the media and creative sector? Then sign up for this final call of the MediaMotorEurope coaching programme! MediaMotorEurope (MME) supports European startups and scaleups to solve today's most prominent media industry challenges. In collaboration with VRT Sandbox, the network of Future Media Hubs and other European partners, MediaMotorEurope offers you tailored coaching and an ecosystem of notable players in the media and creative industries.

Sign up for STADIEM and fund your media solution

Are you a start-up or scale-up, working on next gen media solutions? Do you want to integrate your technology on the production floor, but still looking for the right connections and resources? Through STADIEM's piloting programme, you will be able to introduce your innovation to an international network and integrate it into a live production environment. You can register now for the first call until the 31st of March.