ImmersiaTV closes with successful review by European Commission

The future of television: more interactive and to be experienced from multiple viewpoints. Within the Horizon2020 ImmersiaTV project, VRT Innovation was responsible for the development of the concept, in which we defined the requirements of end users and profesional users, and the execution of the live pilot use cases. 

The Wall of Moments app: from Music for Life to the World Cup

The Wall of Moments is an application developed within the innovation department of VRT. It emphasizes the value of interaction and co-creation in the future experience of media. From the charity event Music for Life to the World Cup: here you can find an overview on the cases and next steps of this interaction tool.

VRT at IBC: the international Sandbox Hub, a virtual radiostudio, and live broadcasting in Ultra Wide Vision

IBC is coming! This year, the annual trade show takes place from the 13th till the 18th of September in Amsterdam. Especially VRT Sandbox will be represented this year with the Sandbox Hub, a network that aims to build a European network for media innovation. Here, you will have an overview of where to find our colleagues.

€5 Million Fund For Big Data Startups And SMEs – European Data Incubator Is Open For Applications

EDI is a Big Data incubator offering a dedicated acceleration programme and €5M funding for EU based startups and teams.  EDI is looking for Big Data innovators and entrepreneurs from all over Europe to solve real industry challenges provided by various EU corporates and data providers across a wide range of sectors (from Smart Cities, Energy & Environment, to Internet & Media, Industry 4.0 and Retail sectors), or to develop independent data solutions utilizing the available datasets. 

Belgian Public Broadcaster VRT Engages And Immerses Audiences

From the 9th to the 12th of April, NAB invites Belgian public broadcaster VRT to exhibit the results of two research projects, funded by the European Commission and Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, in the Futures Park. Focusing on co-creation, interaction, and immersion, these projects look into new ways for utilizing novel technologies and formats to engage users in the creation and experience of events and media.

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