NewsTAPAS brings the news the way you want it

Imagine if an article would adapt itself based on your preferences. Don't have a lot of time for some in-depth reading? Prefer to directly see the headlines? In today's information overload, we are exploring the technological possibilities to better personalise news, not only in terms of content, but also as a format. In the NewsTAPAS project, we are therefore exploring how we can better inform end users by adapting the presentation of a news article to their preferences and context.


Within the framework of the European research project CPN (Content Personalisation Network), we are now launching the third and final pilot study on personalised news. 

What we learned from VRT MyNWS: a pilot on news personalisation

At the end of March, VRT Innovation and VRT NWS experimented for four weeks with VRT MyNWS, a web application that aims to bring readers news articles based on their interests. The experiment was led by VRT as part of the European CPN project. In this project, VRT Innovation helps with building software that allows media organisations to personalise their news content


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Tools and technology for news content providers to automatically adapt personalised items taking into account the user’s profile and context

New Google DNI project on news personalisation, led by VRT

A new project led by VRT, named NewsTAPAS, has been approved for funding by Google DNI. The project aims to address the growing need for an automated and personalised presentation of news articles. The project team exists of a unique collaboration of VRT with a multimedia publisher (Roularta), an AI start-up (ML2Grow) and imec research groups (SMIT and IDLab). The project will start on May 1st and will last one and a half year.

VRT showcases innovation projects during ICT event by the European Commission

From the 4th of December till the 6th of December, ICT 2018 is taking place in Vienna, a research and innovation event that focuses on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. VRT Innovation will be present with various projects in the large exhibition hall. ICT 2018 will have four main components converging around the theme Imagine Digital – Connect Europe: Conference, Exhibition, Networking opportunities and Innovation and Startups forum.

“Alexa, what’s the news ?” VRT is experimenting with voice-controlled radio and news

To listen to a VRT radio station, or relisten to the latest VRT news, you no longer need to use your hands. The arrival of smart speakers allows you to access media content simply by using your voice. Communication with such smart speakers is currently mainly still in English, but the VRT already explores the possibilities, focussing so far on voice-controlled radio and news. In this way, the VRT intends to be immediately ‘up and running’ when Dutch-language smart speakers become available.

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