Artificial intelligence

Natural Language Processing for media makers: RNN, LSTM and Transformer models

How can deep learning help media makers create content tailored to the reader's preferences? In NewsTAPAS, a project on the personalisation of news, we discovered the need for strengthening automatic capabilities to better summarize articles. Therefore we started working with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and compared recurrent neural networks (RNN), long short-term memory (LTSM), Transformers and their applications within media. In this article we compile some insights and recommendations.

VRT and EDI launch new big data challenges for startups and SMEs

The European project EDI and VRT launch for the third consecutive year new challenges. EDI is a fund of 5 million euros in total to help grow data economy throughout Europe. The 8 months lasting program already hosted 80 startups and SMEs that received growing opportunities and gave them a chance to receive financing up to 100,000 euros as well. 

What we learned from VRT MyNWS: a pilot on news personalisation

At the end of March, VRT Innovation and VRT NWS experimented for four weeks with VRT MyNWS, a web application that aims to bring readers news articles based on their interests. The experiment was led by VRT as part of the European CPN project. In this project, VRT Innovation helps with building software that allows media organisations to personalise their news content

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