Gregg Young

Gregg Young

Project Manager & Manager Video Snackbar

Hotdog / Not Hotdog

Gregg is product owner at VRT Innovation and creative producer at VRT Sandbox. He works on Flemish and European research projects and initiates collaborations between startups (SMEs) and VRT brands. At VRT Sandbox, Gregg started several VR and AR projects for Ketnet, Eén, Sporza, VRT NWS, and more.

 Gregg is a digital pioneer in audiovisual film and television production, with a focus on immersive storytelling and interactive media. Before he started at VRT, Gregg worked as freelance creative producer for different media broadcasters, such as MTV, VIER (SBS), VTM and JIM. Apart from that, Gregg is co-founder of the makerspace ‘The Distillery’, in collaboration with Nerdlab Ghent, and was a member of the creative hub of the arts centre ‘Vooruit’ as an audiovisual expert. Even more, he was also an independent producer of the documentary ‘We Must Be Dreaming’ (directed by David Dhert). 

Gregg remains on the lookout for new ways to tell stories in which technology and content meet. He is a lifelong learner and entrepreneur with a DIY attitude.