Fredo De Smet

Fredo De Smet
De Smet

Curator VRT - Media Fast Forward

You, you may say that I'm a dreamer but I'm not the only one. (John Lennon)

Since 2011, Fredo is the man behind ‘Gent M’, a consultancy firm with ideas on how technology impacts our lives. In 2014, Fredo made a VR documentary on World War I with Fisheye. This brought him to VRT Sandbox, the inhouse accelerator that he co-founded. Afterwards, Fredo started working as a curator of the successful exhibition ‘Hello, Robot’ for Design Museum Ghent. In 2018, Fredo published his first book ‘Artificial Stupidity’, a manual for digital humanists and philosophical quest for what it means to stay human in an everchanging world.

Currently, Fredo is working as a curator for Media Fast Forward, a festival on media, technology and society. Fredo is also a much sought-after spear on media, technology, ethics and the future.