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Understanding and communicating scientific data in an interactive and attractive way

The ParCos project aims to improve science communication by engaging people in the translation of scientific data and information. The project develops tools and methods to support citizens in carrying out, communicating and discussing science in a participatory way.

To this end, VRT Innovation explores how data-driven stories can present data in an interactive and attractive way through media, and which tools are needed to support this process.

Lappeeranta University of Technology (Finland), KULeuven (Belgium), Knowle West Media Centre (UK)
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Engaging youth in data stories through a personalised weather forecast

This summer, TV channel één is organising an interactive expo about the weather, called 'Meer Weer' (More Weather). VRT Innovation developed a weather app for Karrewiet together with VRT NWS and students of LUCA School of Arts. The development of the weather forecast is part of a European research project on science communication, in which VRT is partner. Here, we explore how to make data and science more accessible and attractive to a wide audience.