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Virtual reality training platform focused on accessibility

Navigator is a virtual reality training platform that focuses on the accessibility of digital content. The project aims to make software developers aware of user requirements for the blind and visually impaired. With VR, the project enables developers to immerse themselves in the perception of this target audience and build the right architecture and software for a better experience and interaction.


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Flemish broadcaster VRT and start-up Soulmade build VR experience to raise awareness about media accessibility

Together with the start-up Soulmade, VRT developed a unique VR experience to make media services more accessible. Through an immersive experience, software developers can get a better view on the challenges faced by blind and visually impaired people. Not only the gaming industry, but many other sectors explore the benefits of virtual reality to immerse viewers in a new world or different reality. By using it as an educational platform, VRT aims to raise awareness about media accessibility.