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Media orchestration from sensor to screen

MOS2S is aimed at crowd journalism and enriching live event fan experiences.

Sociale media and user-generated content is being used more often at occurrences that are breaking news. However, people often are unaware of what they are seeing, why it is important and where the stream is coming from. Live streaming apps show something new, but not necessarily the “news”. MOS2S wants to change this by making reporters out of the users. Journalists are able to coach end users and give real-time feedback to collect relevant news images on key locations of certain occurrences. By using a dashboard with user-generated content, social media and data sources, shared images and information is being filtered and put into context. As such, a journalist becomes able to create an interactive and insightful news experience from multiple perspectives.

Also for live events, the concept is applicable and we are researching how images from attendees with some coaching can create added value. In cooperation with project partner Kiswe, VRT’s focus is to enable event audiences to co-create the experience with user-generated content, interactivity and live interviews. By sharing a live stream of photos and videos, event organisers are able to interact with the audience and capture the unique experience and atmosphere of their event, through the eyes of the visitors, for their friends present or at home to enjoy.

Kiswe, Nokia Bell Labs, IMEC IDLab, Johan Cruijf ArenA, TNO, Inmotio, Game On, KPN, ETRI, Samsung, Moovr, Gerade Software, DIA, KoçSistem
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Rewinding to Media Fast Forward

As usual, the VRT organised Media Fast Forward with the aim of bringing together the entire Flemish media, technology and innovation sector to discuss the future of media. The annual inspiration and networking festival welcomed over 1000 visitors at the new Brussels location 'The Egg'.

VRT NWS journalist Vranckx interviews European voters with mobile "chat box" from VRT Innovation

Starting April 8, “Breaking Europe” begins, an online programme in which journalists Rudi Vranckx and Yassine Atari visit different European cities and ask Europeans their opinion on topics like migration, the climate and youth unemployment. To allow as many young Europeans to share their opinions and at the same time support the editorial team with the processing of the material, the team of VRT Innovation built a “talking box”, a mobile booth with an innovative video captioning system.

How MARCONI and MOS2S supported listener interaction during Music for Life

Since 2006, Studio Brussels organises the yearly charity event Music for Life, an initiative to raise money during the “Warmest Week”. Studio Brussel calls on their listeners to set up a campaign for a cause that lies close to their hearts. Since 2017, these campaigners are able to share their stories with the Warmest Week app, record videos with the radio presenters and call in live during a broadcast. These are the innovations and projects behind Music for Life.

Over MOS2S en voetbal

Fredo volgde het MOS2S-team tijdens een eerste test in de Amsterdam Arena. Samen met de internationale partners verzamelden ze beeldmateriaal van de oefenwedstrijd Nederland - Italië en onderzoeken ze hoe je samen met de eindgebruiker de beleving van een event kan versterken.

JijKiest op interactieplatform van VRT NWS

JijKiest op 14 oktober wie er in de gemeente - en provincieraden zal zetelen. Maar vandaag kan je wel al je mening geven op het Jijkiest-platform van VRT NWS. Met dit interactieplatform beslis je mee wat er op de agenda komt door een voorstel te posten en toe te lichten aan de kandidaten. VRT Innovatie bouwde mee aan het dashboard voor de redactie en kijkt nu vooral naar de mogelijkheden die de verzamelde data biedt.

The Wall of Moments app: from Music for Life to the World Cup

The Wall of Moments is an application developed within the innovation department of VRT. It emphasizes the value of interaction and co-creation in the future experience of media. From the charity event Music for Life to the World Cup: here you can find an overview on the cases and next steps of this interaction tool.

2 Europese Projecten Van VRT Innovatie Op IBC

VRT Innovatie staat dit jaar met twee onderzoeksprojecten op de Future Zone van de International Broadcasting Convention, de grootste beurs ter wereld op het gebied van media en entertainment. Samen met de Europese partners zal VRT Innovatie de resultaten en nieuwe technologieën tonen van het MOS2S project over crowdjournalistiek en het virtual realityproject ImmersiaTV. Daarnaast kondigt EBU ook de lancering van MediaRoad aan, een project dat de starterswerking van VRT Sandbox op Europees nivea

Achter De Schermen Van De Vooruitzicht-App

Op zaterdag 21 januari vond het Vooruitzicht plaats in Het Pand te Gent. 38 experten van VRT Nieuws verzamelden er om aanwezigen de nodige kennis en inzichten te brengen voor 2017. Zo kon je er een persoonlijk programma volgen van vijf lezingen en achteraf zelfs in nagesprek gaan met de sprekers.