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European network of media innovation incubators

Within the European MediaRoad project, the successful VRT Sandbox model is being transformed into a replicable model for other European broadcasters. Together with partners as the EBU, BBC and RAI, VRT helps build a network for accelerators of media innovation: the Sandbox Hub. Entrepreneurs, startups, as well as SMEs with media-related concepts involving technology, journalism, social media and content, are able to apply for a project. Each Sandbox will operate independently, but be interlinked across Europe through a platform to share success cases for broader implementation.

BBC, imec, EBU, AER, IRT, Cepi tv, EPA, RAI
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VRT Innovation at IBC, in pictures

This year, VRT Innovation showcased 5 projects at IBC, the yearly international media, entertainment and technology conference in Amsterdam. At different stands, organised by VRT and partners, visitors were able to experience personalised and interactive radio, discover media applications in a smart city, and learn more about the technological opportunities for media accessibility. One of the stands was uniquely designed and hand-drawn by designer Anne Manteleers. View the pictures here.

Experience interactive and personalised media with VRT Innovation at IBC

From the 13th till the 17th of September, VRT Innovation is represented at the IBC event, the yearly international media, entertainment and technology conference in Amsterdam. Together with its partners, VRT Innovation showcases 5 projects that focus on delivering a more personalised and interactive media experience, and innovating together.

5 nieuwe innovatieprojecten goedgekeurd voor Europese subsidiëring!

5 ingediende onderzoeksprojecten van VRT Innovatie zijn goedgekeurd voor financiering door de Europese Commissie. Om evoluties binnen de mediasector op te volgen en innovatie te stimuleren, werkt VRT samen met Europese partners aan nieuwe projecten voor een betere service en mediabeleving in de toekomst. De nieuwe projecten, met succes ingediend door VRT collega Mike Matton, zetten in op co-creatie, personalisatie, engagement en interactie.