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New 360° multi-screen experiences

Nowadays, broadcast content is consumed both through the traditional TV set and second screens. To integrate immersive displays in this context, a new content format is required. ImmersiaTV uses omnidirectional video enriched with novel techniques of audiovisual production to deliver a novel form of broadcast content that matches the demands of immersive displays, and can be shared with tablet and traditional TV consumers.

i2cat, imec, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC),école Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Cinegy, LightBox, VideoStitch
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ImmersiaTV closes with successful review by European Commission

The future of television: more interactive and to be experienced from multiple viewpoints. Within the Horizon2020 ImmersiaTV project, VRT Innovation was responsible for the development of the concept, in which we defined the requirements of end users and profesional users, and the execution of the live pilot use cases. 

2 Europese Projecten Van VRT Innovatie Op IBC

VRT Innovatie staat dit jaar met twee onderzoeksprojecten op de Future Zone van de International Broadcasting Convention, de grootste beurs ter wereld op het gebied van media en entertainment. Samen met de Europese partners zal VRT Innovatie de resultaten en nieuwe technologieën tonen van het MOS2S project over crowdjournalistiek en het virtual realityproject ImmersiaTV. Daarnaast kondigt EBU ook de lancering van MediaRoad aan, een project dat de starterswerking van VRT Sandbox op Europees nivea