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Artificial intelligence to enhance the video quality locally to limit internet traffic tied to video streaming

Video streaming consists of the encoding, transcoding, delivering, decoding & displaying of videos on smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs & consoles. Videos distributed “over-the-top” (OTT) are streamed rather than distributed through the traditional networks and distributors. OTT is a vibrant market and poised for spectacular growth.

Video streaming represented almost 64% of the internet traffic in 2018, a number only expected to rise. Reducing this burden will lead to a faster, cheaper and more stable Internet.

The goal of ENHANCEplayer is to decrease video streaming traffic by 80%, while retaining video resolution and increasing quality. To do so, Artomatix and THEO will develop ENHANCEplayer, a solution that leverages deep learning to automatically increase the resolution and quality of videos on consumer devices. Public broadcasters NPO, RTP & VRT will help Artomatix and THEO define the product specifications, provide them with test videos and test the product once it is developed.

Artomatix Limited, THEO Technologies, NPO, RTP (RADIO E TELEVISAO DE PORTUGAL)