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New formats for sports reporting based on data and artificial intelligence

In order to innovate in the field of sports reporting, the DAIQUIRI project explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence while using sensors, wearables, video. Moreover, DAIQUIRI also researches how we can tell stories with an abundance of data. During the project, the team will build a professional dashboard and a (sensor) data platform for media. As such, content makers are able to enrich and improve the content of live sports experiences by telling stories based on (sensor) data. The demos during the project will be focused on hockey, cyclocross and road cycling.

In the project, VRT researches new forms of storytelling, such as content snippets based on sports data for TV, web and social media. To make this happen, a professional dashboard will be built for the editorial team.

With the project, we aim to gain relevant and meaningful insights from a wide range of data, develop editorial AI algorithms to easily retrieve certain story fragments, and create new story formats before, during and after a sports game.



Videohouse, NEP, InTheRace, Arinti, imec-IDLab, imec-MICT