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Enabling intention and emotion aware products

During Empathic, it was examined how to use technology that detects emotions and intentions of end users to  optimize a (personalized) media experience.

The Empathic Products projects have delivered significant insights in how media experiences can be personalized, based on emotions and mood. These insights were translated into a model that is able to offer users a personalized media experienced on the right moment.

VRT, Spikes, TP Vision, Okeez, Softkinetic, VUB (-12/2014), Hasselt University, Loria, IT Sud Paris, Maidis, Citypassenger, Lille 1 University, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs France, Ibermatica (I3B), Inabensa, Tecnalia, Laurea Univ. Of Applied Science, VTT, Huittisten sanomalehti, Lingsoft, Creation Crew (Kaukomarkkinat), Delicode, Valve Vanguard, Noldus, Vicar Vision, Comland, FADO (-12/2013), ISMT (1/2014-), Univ. Aberta, Kaunas Univ. Of Technology, Fazer Lietuva, AUB Ruta