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Towards an improved personal news offer, enabling economic impact for large and small news publishers

Europe is scattered with media companies, large and small, representing an enormous amount of cultural diversity. Millions of news content items have to find their way to millions of users. The CPN project will tackle the challenge by developing a new approach to personalisation of digital content, allowing both large and small media companies to better target content to media consumers. For media consumers, CPN aims to enable a better delivery of news, insights and informations in the right format at the right time and in the right context to each media consumer. 

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What we learned from VRT MyNWS: a pilot on news personalisation

At the end of March, VRT Innovation and VRT NWS experimented for four weeks with VRT MyNWS, a web application that aims to bring readers news articles based on their interests. The experiment was led by VRT as part of the European CPN project. In this project, VRT Innovation helps with building software that allows media organisations to personalise their news content

VRT MYNWS 2.0: insights from a pilot study on news personalisation

In June, the final pilot on news personalisation within the European innovation project CPN (Content Personalisation Network) was successfully finalised. With the pilot study of VRT MYNWS, a new app, we aimed to personalise news in a transparant way and examine how recommenders could keep users better informed.


Within the framework of the European research project CPN (Content Personalisation Network), we are now launching the third and final pilot study on personalised news. 

Rewinding to Media Fast Forward

As usual, the VRT organised Media Fast Forward with the aim of bringing together the entire Flemish media, technology and innovation sector to discuss the future of media. The annual inspiration and networking festival welcomed over 1000 visitors at the new Brussels location 'The Egg'.

VRT NWS experiments with personalised news

In order to better inform its readers, VRT NWS is experimenting with a new web application, based on artificial intelligence, that allows readers to receive a personalised news offer. The experiment is part of the European research project CPN, led by VRT Innovation, that aims to build a software platform that allows European media organizations to personalise their news content.

VRT showcases innovation projects during ICT event by the European Commission

From the 4th of December till the 6th of December, ICT 2018 is taking place in Vienna, a research and innovation event that focuses on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry. VRT Innovation will be present with various projects in the large exhibition hall. ICT 2018 will have four main components converging around the theme Imagine Digital – Connect Europe: Conference, Exhibition, Networking opportunities and Innovation and Startups forum.

5 nieuwe innovatieprojecten goedgekeurd voor Europese subsidiëring!

5 ingediende onderzoeksprojecten van VRT Innovatie zijn goedgekeurd voor financiering door de Europese Commissie. Om evoluties binnen de mediasector op te volgen en innovatie te stimuleren, werkt VRT samen met Europese partners aan nieuwe projecten voor een betere service en mediabeleving in de toekomst. De nieuwe projecten, met succes ingediend door VRT collega Mike Matton, zetten in op co-creatie, personalisatie, engagement en interactie.