Wim Vanobberghen

Wim Vanobberghen

Project Coordinator

Society exists not only by transmission, by communication, but it may fairly be said to exist in transmission, in communication – John Dewey

As of May 2021, Wim joined VRT Innovation to develop and coordinate European innovation projects in which VRT participates. Previously, he worked as a researcher and then senior researcher at the research centre imec-SMIT of the Free University of Brussels. There, he first specialised in the history of radio and television from the perspective of interaction between technology and culture. In 2010, he started focusing on the problems of smart cities and conducted user research in European innovation projects on the needs of citizens for new smart city technologies (applications and platforms) in various sectors (media, food strategies, autonomous transport, social innovation, etc.). For these European projects, Wim also developed the Living Lab strategy and coordinated several project-related living labs.