From intrapreneurship to IBC: the story of On-Hertz


Brace yourselves, the IBC-conference is coming. VRT Sandbox has already begun writing a wishlist of innovations they want to discover in the RAI. Unique this year is that they are able to add On-Hertz, the startup of VRT intrapreneur Renaud Schoonbroodt to that list.

Intrapreneurship at VRT

VRT Sandbox encourages people within the VRT to think about improvements in the technical area. Maybe someone has an innovative idea, but doesn’t know yet what to do with it. Those entrepreneurs are supported by VRT Sandbox.

When Renaud started working for VRT in 2016, he wondered if broadcasting could not be made easier, with a tablet for example, or even via the internet. In his spare time, he began working on a prototype that he was excited to pitch to VRT Sandbox. They helped Renaud by offering him guidance, such as pitch trainings and market research. As one of the first intrapreneurs, Renaud was able to successfully develop his revolutionary radiotool.

The Sandbox has the right contacts to test everything in the field. They make sure you get in touch with the right people and increase your visibility.

Renaud Schoonbroodt

Broadcasting from a hot air balloon

Earlier this year, Radio 2 came to VRT Sandbox with the idea to broadcast from a hot air ballon. The perfect opportunity to test On-Hertz in a real life situation. Ready and packed with a minimum of material, the hot air balloon took off to make live radio in the clouds.

Normally, I get seasick easily, but that day, I was so busy with checking everything to make sure it would all run perfectly, I hadn’t put any thought into it.

Renaud Schoonbroodt

After this first adventure, Renaud began working on a case to find funding for his project. He went to both KBC StartIt and IMEC, after which he left each time with a partnership. With this funding, he started a company to further develop and expand On-Hertz.

Meanwhile, new plans are being made to test On-Hertz in radio programs of Radio 1, MNM and Studio Brussel. During the summer, Radio 2 presenter Niels Vandeloo On-Hertz had already been using On-Hertz for his evening rush program.

IBC and the future

In the future, we hope to play an important role in the changing radio landcape.

Renaud Schoonbroodt

Excited to see the work of On-Hertz? Go visit Renaud at IBC at 10F42, at the Flanders Investment & Trade Pavillion.