VRT Innovation at IBC, in pictures


This year, VRT Innovation showcased 5 projects at IBC, the yearly international media, entertainment and technology conference in Amsterdam. At different stands, organised by VRT and partners, visitors were able to experience personalised and interactive radio, discover media applications in a smart city, and learn more about the technological opportunities for media accessibility. One of the stands was uniquely designed and hand-drawn by designer Anne Manteleers. View the pictures here. 

Hybrid and interactive radio experiences

At a hand-drawn stand in the Future Zone, IBC visitors were able to discover new radio experiences, from the perspective of a radio maker as from the listener. Two radio projects, ‘MARCONI’ and ‘HRADIO, worked together in creating a stand that showcased the different prototypes and technologies.

The team of HRADIO built different applications to showcase the potential of hybrid radio, enriched with streaming services. Visitors could chat with the radio station, pause and resume broadcasts, reply to polls, and explore a more visual radio experience. The project also shares its technology on Github.

The MARCONI project then demonstrated the potential of its technology via its own radio station at the stand. There, you were able to discover via the MARCONI dashboard how radiomakers can be supported in their interaction with listeners, by receiving messages sent in via the HRADIO apps, replying with the help of a chatbot, searching through the listener content, and dragging relevant items to a radioshow rundown.

Discover more about the projects on projectmarconi.eu and hradio.eu

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HRADIO car app



Media accessibility

Within the ‘Content4All’ project, VRT Innovation helps with developing new technologies to make more content accessible to the deaf community. The project aims to capture a sign interpreter in a remote studio, process it and render it via broadcast, by making use of a state-of-the-art photorealistic 3D human avatar. Together with the projects ‘ImAc’ en ‘EasyTV’, Content4All brought a stand on media accessibility to IBC. 

Discover more about the project on content4all-project.eu


Media in a smart city

Within the ‘FLAME’ project, VRT has worked together on the development of a smart city platform, in order to experiment with media applications in the city. At the FLAME stand at IBC, you were able to see a visualisation of a future smart city and its possibilities for media.

Discover more about the project on ict-flame.eu/flame/





International innovation with startups

With the Sandbox Hub, part of the MediaRoad project, and VRT Sandbox, the innovation department also showcased the importance of entrepreneurship at IBC. During a presentation at the EBU stand and a panel discussion, project leader Sarah Geeroms presented the Sandbox Hub, an international network existing of 17 media organisations.

In addition, NowMax and On-Hertz als had their own stand at IBC. Both startups developed their technology and started their venture under VRT Sandbox. Startup On-Hertz even won the second Sandbox prize as part of the MediaRoad project, which recognises the achievements of startups and SMEs in terms of innovative concepts.

Sarah Geeroms
Project leader Sarah Geeroms - Sandbox Hub
Founder Renaud Schoonbroodt - On-Hertz 


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