Join MediaMotorEurope as a media organisation and collaborate with deeptech startups on your media challenges

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Looking for the next deeptech solutions in the media sector to strengthen your business? The MediaMotorEurope (MME) programme connects media organisations with  innovative startups/scaleups to collaborate on media solutions. As a media organisation, you will be able to define your challenges with the support of the MME team and spot real and relevant collaboration opportunities with promising startups.

Innovation programme focusing on media challenges

During 2020-2021, MME will engage with at least 60 European promising startups/scaleups, throughout three support cycles. The mentoring programme will spot the most innovative European deeptech startups and scaleups with solutions for some of the biggest challenges and needs that the media sector faces, such as:

  • The fight against misinformation and fake news

  • Improved accessibility and inclusion of media services for people with disabilities

  • More advanced human-machine interaction

  • Better protection of personal data through new technologies

  • Transition towards a data-driven media 4.0 market

What to expect as a media organisation

  • Once the programme starts, MME will match you with the right startup/scaleup based on the challenges of your organisation.

  • You will receive updates on which startups are in the programme and how they evolve.

  • You will be invited to pitch events.

  • You will have the possibility to invite a startup or scaleup to your organization if you see a potential match. 

  • You will be able to give your insights and validate the products.

Discover how MediaMotorEurope creates a comparative advantage in the context of your corporate innovation strategy. Join MME on an EU-wide industry deeptech ecosystem and get access to an international programme offering a network of media stakeholders across Europe, and learn about what startups/scaleups are building towards boosting the sector.

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