1,93 million euro for European start-ups and scale-ups to work on Next Generation Media solutions

STADIEM open call

The European STADIEM project, funded through Horizon 2020, officially launches its 2nd open call. Via the STADIEM piloting programme, start-ups and scale-ups can co-create solutions together with European media organisations, based on the sector’s needs and challenges.The call provides provides access to funding, partners, and know-how for the development of Next Generation Media.

Already more than 400 start-ups and scale-ups in the European media sector were engaged with STADIEM’s 1st open call, leading to over 200 applications and 40 selected proposals. Currently, 16 scale-ups are working together with European media organisations (including VRT, Roularta Media Group, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Marathon Music Group and several others) to tackle today’s largest media challenges, from diversity, over AI, VR and AR, to accessibility.

The media is changing so fast that we want to build these solutions together with the scale- ups and the start-ups. That means that we have to work together in a European context with other public and commercial media players, and together with other accelerators that are here in STADIEM.

Peter De Paepe, Head of VRT Sandbox.

Open call till 28 February 2022

As part of the 2nd open call, European start-ups and scale-ups providing solutions relevant for the media ecosystem can apply and be selected for the STADIEM piloting programme. Successful applicants can benefit from the 4-phase set-up, from finding a match with corporate media partners to piloting their solution on the production floor. On top of that, the selected start-ups and scale-ups can get up to €150.000 of funding to advance its media innovation. The focus areas of this open call are 1) content creation and distribution, 2) archiving, 3) journalism 4.0, 4) content verification and the fight against disinformation, 5) Data/AI/ML/Synthetic Media, 6) monetization, and 7) moonshots. Additional information on the 2nd open call and a webinar on the application process can be found on STADIEM’s website.

By providing a specific timeframe within the match phase, the STADIEM programme has really pushed us to focus on securing a partner: the training budget allowed us to access coaching which enabled us to refine our methods and messaging when addressing potential partners.

Jan Spielhoff, FilmChain, one of the scale-ups currently involved in the Develop Phase of STADIEM’s programme

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