Experience interactive and personalised media with VRT Innovation at IBC

HRADIO car app

From the 13th till the 17th of September, VRT Innovation is represented at the IBC event, the yearly international media, entertainment and technology conference in Amsterdam. Together with its partners, VRT Innovation showcases 5 projects that focus on delivering a more personalised and interactive media experience, and innovating together. Visitors will be able to experience in what way live radio can be enriched with digital features, how radio stations can be supported with their listener engagement and what the possibilities are for media in a smart city.

Create your own radio experience, from your living room to the festival

In a joint stand at the IBC Future Zone, the European projects ‘MARCONI’ and ‘HRADIO’ let you experience radio more interactive and personalised. Within ‘MARCONI’, the project team has developed several technologies for radio stations to manage and increase listener interaction. As such, they are able to bring together messages, images or video content from listeners, reply automatically and use the interaction for their radio programmes. ‘MARCONI’ now also welcomes radio stations to pilot the technology for free during the project. 

The ‘HRADIO’ project leverages hybrid technology to enrich radio experiences, allowing broadcasters to deliver time and location independent linear radio services. At IBC, HRADIO will showcase the potential of its technologies by offering hybrid radio use cases for car and mobile applications. By combining IP and broadcast signals, new radio experiences can be created in which listeners can interact with their radio station, receive news and weather updates that are relevant to them, and easily pause, continue or substitute broadcast radio with on-demand content, whenever they prefer.

Explore MARCONI and HRADIO at stand 8F30 in the IBC Future Zone.
More about the projects on projectmarconi.eu en hradio.eu

Explore the possibilities of media in a smart city

Within the ‘FLAME’ project, VRT has worked together on the development of a smart city platform, in order to experiment with media applications in the city. The ‘FLAME’ stand at IBC will offer a visualisation of a future smart city and the possibilities for media, such as storytelling in Augmented Reality, or geo-located gaming. You will also learn more about how 5G can make this happen. 

Explore FLAME at stand  8F14 in the IBC Future Zone.
More about the project on ict-flame.eu/flame/

Discover how more media content can become accessible

This year, VRT Innovation also coordinates a stand on media accessibility, together with the projects ‘Content4All’, ‘ImAc’ en ‘EasyTV’. Within the ‘Content4All’ project, VRT Innovation helps with developing new technologies to make more content accessible to the deaf community. The project aims to capture a sign interpreter in a remote studio, process it and render it via broadcast, by making use of a state-of-the-art photorealistic 3D human avatar. This will allow low-cost personalisation of content for deaf viewers, without causing disruption for hearing viewers. In addition to that, based on the captured and analysed data, the consortium will proof if the current technology is ready to achieve automatic sign-translation capabilities for a limited domain of discourse. 

Explore Content4All at stand 8F02 in the IBC Future Zone.
More about the project on content4all-project.eu

Innovate internationally with startups

VRT Innovation also brings (international) entrepreneurship to IBC. With the Sandbox Hub, you are able to meet an international network of media organisations, led by VRT. Together with the EBU and partners as BBC and RAI, VRT has been able to welcome 17 international media organisations in the Sandbox Hub. Each of the Hub partners is now developing their own accelerator, following the model of the successful VRT Sandbox, and give startups the opportunity to work together internationally, exchange insights and scale their business. 

In addition, there will also be two startups represented at IBC that developed their technology within VRT. Both the startup NowMax as On-Hertz started their companies under VRT Sandbox. NowMax will showcase their maximum quality (video) calling app for journalists and broadcasters, and On-Hertz will bring a mobile and virtual radio studio to IBC.

Learn more about the Sandbox Hub during the MediaRoad meetup at the EBU Stand 10F20 on Sunday, the 15th of September, at 14u00 and during a panel on Monday, the 16th of September, at 11u30

Visit startup NowMax at stand 10F42 en startup On-Hertz at stand 8C96