Future Media Hubs

Future Media Hubs

The Future Media Hubs' main goals are to exchange technology strategies and innovation mechanisms between media organisations, to set up international collaborations and to enable local startups and SMEs to scale internationally.

These hubs are part of VRT and are being led by VRT Innovation in close collaboration with RTBF:

Sandbox Hub

The Sandbox Hub is an international network of media innovation accelerators.

It all started in January 2018 with the Sandbox Hub and has now grown into a larger hub of media companies that strengthen each other and collaborate around start-ups. The Sandbox Hub enabled more than 100 local startup collaborations since the start of the project. In a first phase, we have seen more than 15 international Sandbox collaborations taking place between our members.



Testimonial by Egon Verharen (Innovation Manager, NPO):

"The power of the Sandbox Hub accelerated the work we have been doing.”


The Sandbox Hub inspiration is not limited to media companies. VRT is actively involved in the accompaniment of non-media sandboxes: Sport Vlaanderen, Sandbox Vlaanderen, VDAB, Nationale Loterij, NMBS, …

Sandbox Hub


More information:

Video Snackbar Hub

Video Snackbar started out as a VRT Sandbox project in 2017, but it quickly picked up speed and gained momentum.

Hence, in 2019, Video Snackbar became a VRT initiative in its own right.
It supports and brings together content creators, it explores and introduces new technologies, new ideas and new media workflows. Video Snackbar is a community that works on web video, podcasting, live streaming and future broadcast methods. 

To share their insights with like-minded international media players, the Video Snackbar Hub was created.
Where needed, the successful Video Snackbar model of VRT can be replicated to other media organisations as well.

Video Snackbar Hub recently hosted a webinar on how to continue to make media during the corona crisis:

Testimonial by Brian Murphy, The Washington Post (US):

"It was fascinating. I particularly enjoyed learning how the music project came together.”

Open Labs Hub

Open Labs Hub aims to inspire & connect promising European ‘young labs’.  

'Young labs’ meaning labs wanting to develop & expand their organisation by working with young and talented digitally savvy people. The goal is to unite initiatives across Europe, to learn from each other’s experiences and to help each other with shared challenges. By creating a diverse network of peers, members are able to generate new opportunities where they can co-produce and co-create high-quality digital content across borders.

Contact info

Head of International Hubs: Sarah Geeroms

Project Assistant: Diana Carvalho Freitas